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Bers Berzik Hazan

Spiritualist Poet and Great Great Grandfather


It all started when...

I started researching my ancestry on a trip to Israel - how lucky we are that so much effort has been placed into tracing the roots of Holocaust victims and survivors - may the descendents of other genocides benefit from such exquisite documentation. 

As a way to engage with my ancestry - I have felt empowered to publish some recent poetry - often formed of musical lyrics to songs. 


Flood of Fluid (07/17 - Tel Aviv, Israel)

It was just like a flood of fluid

And it came up to my head


It brought to me a flood of music

And from that I found my love


I came up to a fork of Jewish

Roots that drew in blood


The sound of singing praise of color

To paint the sky with mud?


Lloyds Gold Insurance (07.17 - Jerusalem, Israel)

Where is the human in humanity?

My tooth broken, I cannot drink water.

You say it was cosmetic.

My foot infected by an insect bite.

You ask for my previous medical history to see if I might –

– and I quote –

have any pre-existing condition that could create a propensity for an exaggerated reaction to insect bites or staphylococcal infection

I am a doctor myself.

What the f*$% do you mean?

Why do you claim to protect me, when in fact you demean me,

          you make me ashamed, embarrassed,

as an investor,

berated, subdued,

          into a position of begging for your approval.